Meet the Team

Introducing you the team behind Puli Inu

Note; we have way more team members, however some members vary in activity and participation when it comes to further developing and managing the project, so we only included some of the members.

Specials credits goes out to the people below <3
Roclips, moderator.

Lil Wario, manager of our Reddit.
GuruChad, manager of the NFT launch.
Joker, moderator.
DD Mars, moderator.
STRONG HOLD, moderator.
neckbyte, early marketing manager.
Pizza Boy, moderator.



Liam is the founder of Puli Inu. He got the team together, founded the idea and is mostly in control of the overall strategies regarding marketing and the future of Puli Inu.



selfmade is our developer & CEO of Puli Inu. He is charge of project decisions, marketing strategies and the development of the contract.



Fnatic is our website developer for Puli Inu, and is the one keeps the website up to date and did a lot of the organizing in the early stages of the development of Puli Inu.


Mr Lightspeed

Mr Lightspeed is our head in data analytics, but also manages a lot of the marketing deals and manages current and upcoming partnerships.



Zimster is our community manager, to keep the community updated he will be answering most of the questions asked in our groups as well as making sure to keep the chat safe & clean for everyone.



Emir is our game developer. He is the man behind Puli Runner, our popular runner game that gives out thousands of dollars in prizes every week.


Jesse Lubbers

Jesse Lubbers is one of our full-time graphics designers, he is the guy behind our beautiful NFTs coming out in mid-february.



Row is our on-hand graphics designer and video editor, who we have used for the SpaceX billboard, for the Puli Runner game trailer and more.